"Strong The Wind Blows" is a Documentary Film by award winning Filmmaker and World Record breaking Athlete, Benjamin Jordan. We are presently in a pre-release stage of Strong The Wind Blows where individuals can Sponsor the film project in exchange for the priviledge of Downloading the Special Edition of the film today, as well as the International Edition in the Fall of 2017, once the film has begun its festival run. Come Fall of 2017, Strong The Wind Blows will be officially released in many languages which were voted for by the Sponsors of the film. Languages will include German, French, Norwegian, Spanish as well as any other language that receives at least 500 votes through the website StrongTheWindBlows.COM.
After losing the love of his life, a Professional Paraglider pilot searches for meaning by embarking upon the most daring series of mountain flights in Canadian history.  Share

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Signed, 18" x 12" Adventure Map, hand-illustrated by Benjamin Jordan, included in Level 3 Sponsorship above.
The Adventure
For ten years Canadian Paraglider pilot Benjamin Jordan had dreamt of flying like an eagle, across the entire span of South Western Canada's mountain ranges. He imagined soaring over glaciers, landing high in the alpine, bathing in turquoise waters, then flying on as he made his way from Vancouver to Calgary.

But there was a catch. Nobody had ever done it before, and for one, very good, reason.

Join this unprecedented, Aerial and Mountain Adventure as you soar across British Columbia & Alberta's most incredible landscapes. And brace yourself for the darkness, as Jordan reveals the inner struggle, mindset and motivation, required to push forward in the face of such risk.

For more info on the "XBC" project, visit Benjamin Jordan's Official XBC Page.
Photo Documentary

Screenings & Talks
Host a screening with the option of having Director, Benjamin Jordan deliver a powerful talk to the audience beforehand. During Live Screenings, Jordan will play ukulele parts accompanying the film, and wrap up with a Question & Answer period.

Don't miss this rare opportunity! All you need to do is complete the form and give us a couple days to get back to you. If you would rather email us, please send to info@strongthewindblows.com

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Thank you sponsors for believing in this project since Day One.

Thank you friends from around the world. Because of you, we will be able to complete and distribute this film globally and in many languages.


Cam Andrews (Melbourne, Victoria)

Rene Baudet (Melbourne, Victoria)

Geoff Bednal (Glenning Valley, New South Wales)

Richard Binstead (Alice Springs, Australian Capital Territory)

Adam Bryden (Canberra, Australian Capital Territory)

Sammie Carter (Gladstone, Queensland)

Aron Crowhurst (Applecross, Western Australia)

Karen Doane (West End, Queensland)

Rory Duncan (belmont north, New South Wales)

Malcolm Earle (Brisbane, Queensland)

Kari Ellis (CANBERRA, Australian Capital Territory)

Garrath Evans (Melbourne, Victoria)

Trevor Finnie (Perth, Western Australia)

Che Golus (Blackheath, New South Wales)

Steven Jersky  (Perth, Western Australia)

Luke Lastname (Perth, Western Australia)

Ian Leaver (Queanbeyan, New South Wales)

Ashley McMillan (SOUTHPORT, Australian Capital Territory)

Will Morley (Red Hill, Queensland)

Brian Morrissey (Mawson, Act)

Ian Neilsen (Buderim, Queensland)

Stephen Noble (Manilla, New South Wales)

John Norman (Lidcombe , New South Wales)

William Oates (Kaleen, Australian Capital Territory)

Tim Sabre (Sydney, New South Wales)

Michael Simpson (Bright , Victoria)

Corey Snell (Sydney, Badakhshan)

Chris Stone (Kirribilli, New South Wales)

Dr Swan (Sydney, New South Wales)

Corey Symes (YAROOMBA, Queensland)

Noah Terracall (Geelong, Victoria)

Tyrhone Tubbs (Perth, Western Australia)

Harley von (Sydney, New South Wales)

Karen Waller (Port Kembla, New South Wales)

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bert bekaert (koksijde, West-Vlaanderen)

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Gianni Seghers (Sint-Amands, Antwerpen)

Dennis Feld (Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro)

Marc Ferrando (Indaiatuba, Sao Paulo)

Paulo Juliano Horlle (Tupandi, Rio Grande do Sul)

Glauber Marsi (São José dos Campos, Sao Paulo)

Felipe Oliveira (Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo)

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Simon Anderson (Lemming, Alberta)

tom bamford (whitehorse, Yukon Territory)

Gelson Batista (Furry Creek, British Columbia)

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Serge Chiasson (Fernie, British Columbia)

Jonathan Colvin (Richmond, British Columbia)

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Nathan Livingston  (Invermere, British Columbia)

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Barb Rees  (Powell River, British Columbia)

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Muller Windsports (Cochrane, Alberta)

Elizabeth Wixom (Regina, Saskatchewan)

Kye Woodman (Edmonton, Alberta)

Leslie Zednai (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Jose Piedra (Puerto Varas, Los Lagos)

Jin Lingxin (Beijing, Hebei)

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Czech Republic

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Ryan Jaussi (Kahuku, Hawaii)

Kristen Johnson (Anchorage , Alaska)

Mindi Katzman (Seattle, Washington)

Nick Kedev (Portland, Oregon)

Greg Kelderman (Applegate, California)

Todd Kelly (Seattle, Washington)

Thermal Tracker Paragliding Kevin Lee (Ashland, Oregon)

Kevin Kirch (Boulder, Colorado)

Galen Kirkpatrick (Los Angeles, California)

Brianna Kufa (San Luis Obispo, California)

Ben Larson (valdez, Alaska)

Phi Le (Houston, Texas)

Jonathan Leusden (Monroe, Alabama)

Isaac Levinson (white salmon, Washington)

Jason Lombard (Santa Barbara, California)

Jesse Loving (Glenwood Springs, Colorado)

Monte Lunacek (Boulder, Colorado)

Daniel Maccarone (Wasilla, Alaska)

Sean MacGugan (Bellevue, Washington)

Dennis Mackey (Merrimack, New Hampshire)

Michal Maretta (Big bear lake, California)

Julius Marko (Brookfield, Illinois)

Kyle McCutchen (Denver, Colorado)

Don Mills (Shasta Lake, California)

David Morrey (Mapleton, Utah)

Alex Neigher (Boulder, Colorado)

Bernie Nowel (Los Osos , California)

Jake Oestreich (Duluth, Minnesota)

Tim ONeill (Cambria, California)

Dashiel Pare-Mayer (Bend, Oregon)

Rex Parker (Las vegas, Nevada)

Lua Pepper (North Hollywood, California)

Hunter Petersen (Carnelian Bay, California)

Kim Poovey (Los Angeles, California)

Shad Preston (Golden, Colorado)

Solomon Reisberg (Foster City, California)

Rob Reynolds (Helena, Alabama)

Jeffrey Rhoades (Portland, Oregon)

Anonymous (Seattle , Washington)

Marcos Rosenkjer (Boulder, Colorado)

Jaime Santamaria (Frisco, Texas)

Brandon Schmit (Wellington, Colorado)

Wendy Schuss (Portland, Oregon)

Garret Scurr (Anchorage, Alaska)

Jeff Seals (Orange County, California)

Lorri Seckman (Portland, Oregon)

David Shallenberger (American Fork, Utah)

Britton Shaw (Fort Smith, Arkansas)

Gabriel Silva (Corinth, Texas)

Nice Sky (Draper, Utah)

Jeff Slotta (Polaris, Montana)

Josef Stamey (Boone, North Carolina)

Jack Staples (Leesburg, Virginia)

Alex Stoll (Glacier, Washington)

Ryan Strong (Golden, Colorado)

Michael Stubbs (Lake Arrowhead, Alabama)

Joseph Treftz (Leavenworth, Washington)

Cody Tuttle (Bishop, California)

Gary VAillancourt (Golden, Colorado)

Scott Vincik (Bend, Oregon)

Michael Whelan (Bend, Oregon)

Landon Whitt (Oklahoma city, Oklahoma)

Laura Wilensky (Redwood Valley, California)

Jared Willis (Portland, Oregon)

Monte Wolford (Nashville, Tennessee)

Matthew Woodworth (Raleigh, North Carolina)

Martin Daguerre (Punta Del Este, Maldonado)

Patrick Bentley (Mkushi, Central)

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